How do I stop Android phone updating by Dave

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Hi folks

Both Gill and I have Samsung S8 smartphones

Last week Gill's updated to Android Pie. She hates it! It's made loads of changes she didn't want or need, and I've also read a lot of bad reviews for it... :(

I very seldom use the Internet on my phone, but today Gill needed to look at something in a text message link, which had come to my phone as she can never remember her own number! It's not downloaded the software for Pie yet, as I clicked "Ask me later" but it's now saying

Software update
Connecting to server

Now obviously it won't do anything else as long as I don't connect to the Internet, but I don't doubt that it's using the processor as long as it's trying to connect.

I need a way to stop this, as it's very annoying! In all honesty, I hate forced change and had decided I was happy to disable any Internet connectivity to my phone as I have it just like I need it, all the apps I want/need installed and, if I'm not going online, I don't need to worry about security either

So, does anyone know if I can

a) Stop the thing trying to connect to the server
b) If it is connected, stop it downloading/installing the software
c) If the worst happens, roll back from Pie (to Oreo I think) - this would help Gill too!

Looking forward to any solutions anyone can come up with, and if you can, we'll be very grateful!

Posted 26 Mar 2019, 13:33 #1