Highline retrofit - change loom ISO plug to BMW as per car by Bolin

Hi everybody, I'm retrofitting Highline sat nav but the loom has an ISO plug, whereas the car has a BMW plug (loom is dated November 2003, car was built June 2001).

Can anybody please help with these three questions:

1) I have compared the wiring colours, as far as I can see I can just remove the ISO plug and solder on a spare BMW plug that I have, matching the colours. I hope it's basically this simple?

2) However, some of the wires for the loom and car are relatively swapped between the main connector and the adjacent 6-pin flat black plug - currently the ABS (Antilock Braking System) wire is on the ISO connector on the loom whereas on my car it is in the flat 6-pin plug, and the K-bus wire, blue/orange and blue/purple (for remote control buttons interface) are currently in the flat 6-pin plug in the loom but on my car they are in the BMW connector. Can I just swap these between the two plugs as long as I connect them to the correct pins?

3) If I can do as suggested above, this will leave a pink/black wire in pin 4 of the flat 6-pin plug on my car that doesn't have anything to connect on the Highline loom and also there is a thick red/green wire currently going from the ISO connector on the Highline loom to pin 4 of the radio tuner connector (in the boot) with nothing on the car's current connector to match up with it - any ideas about these two??

Any help with this greatly appreciated!

Cheers all, Bolin.

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1. You could do it that way, yes. It's pretty much what I did on mine.
2. Yes you can, but you will probably find the remotes are in both ISO and flat on your car, I think mine were but can't remember.
3. Pink wire is to supply power to the antenna amp I think. I'll go and check and confirm. Fairly sure the red / green was a mute wire for if you are installing a phone system. Again I'll check.

Pink black isn't antenna, it is used for lo nav and connects to the IPK (Instrument pack (IPK from the German)) to provide the images on the message centre. So you don't need it on your car.
Red green is indeed a phone mute. It would go to pin 4 on the radio module in the boot if you want the system to mute when a connected phone is being used. Is there anything on pin 4 of your cars wiring? I expect there isn't.

Actually my conversion was the other way around, I had ISO in my car and put a BMW connector on. So ignore what I said anout the remotes being in 2 connectors, thats if you had a later car, not a later Nav harness.

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Many thanks Duncan, that's brilliant, I can now do another marathon soldering session (already soldered in HK) and finally install the whole lot :-D

There is indeed nothing in pin 4 of the BMW connector on my car, hence being confused as to what was supposed to connect into the nav loom. Mystery now solved :clap:

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