High speed Broadband and France by Bernard

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How is it that France can roll out fibre to the home for 60% of its population at a cost of £2bn and BT can only manage to roll out fibre to a fraction of that number for £2.5bn?
Thinking about it, France was much quicker to adopt new technology than we were. Mind you, their telephone system in the '60s/'70s was dire so they were able to jump one generation IIRC.

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Make that 2 generations for fixed comms

Posted 07 Feb 2011, 23:41 #2 

Aurora MG
We over here spend too much time complaining we don't want this or that built in our back yard & spend too much time & money on the public enquiry that follows then by the time the decision is made whatever was being debated has either gone out of date or doubled in price or both!

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