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Evening Gents,
Dad's bought a cheap hi-line loom for the 190 off of ebay (£25) The part has turned up today and has partnumber:

YMW100424. Copying it into Rimmers presents the following:

ToYear ToSN
2002 245553 Navigation module & display HI - Except: Japan -

I'm going to use the 190 as a practice to fit hi-line first as it's not got HK like the contemporary has. Will the loom above work in an 04 plate car?

Thanks in advance,


Posted 18 Mar 2011, 19:27 #1 

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I can't be sure, but on my 04 plater (75), the BMW round pin connector at the front wasn't there. So an older satnav loom wouldn't have been a straigntforward plug in.

All the wires would have been there, just the wrong connector at the front end.

I say 'would have' and so on because I actually made the loom to suit so I never actually fitted any ready made part.

Bottom line, we should be able to make it work, but I'd start by trying to confirm what connectors you have behind the radio in the dash.

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Cheers Duncan,

The car is one of the first of the facelifts, so not sure what we'll have to be honest. I am hoping to have a good poke around it when I get home in a few weeks time.

From what my Dad has said, there is a large block on the loom that is identical to what was in his 1994 BMW 5 series, so I would guess that's the case!

I may also have dibs on a very cheap HK set up as well for a saloon - I take it this would open a big can of worms up in trying to fit this as well?

Sorry for all the questions and many thanks,


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There are several HK systems some for lo line some for hi line and saloon and tourer are different as well.
So get part number of amp and I or someone will check out on EPC for you.

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My facelift is early too, with orange dials, but didn't have that connector. It probably depends what radio it had as standard, mine had the Iovox xxxxxxxxxx (replace with your swear word of choice).

John is right, there are four different HK amps. Saloon and tourer, hiline satnav and none highline satnav. The difference is in the equalisation so all will work, just the sound would be not quite adjusted for the car.

All of it is possible, just can get messy as a lot of wires need to run front to back and then front again.

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Sorry to re-ignite this tread,

I've done a swap with a chap rebuilding a 260, his donor was a tourer with hi-line, and as I had a spare saloon loom we agreed a swap. It appears however that the loom he has fitted to 005, does not have the BMW connector needed for this loom to fit.

How will it be wired?



Posted 05 Jun 2011, 09:32 #6