Hi all! (another ZT newbie) by Edd77

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Hi everyone, I'm Edd from sunny (hardly) Great Yarmouth, new to the community and (almost) new to the MG Rover ownership experience. I had a diesel Rover 25 about two and a half years ago, good old L series!

Yesterday bought a Royal Blue ZT-T CDTi Tourer (with "black monaco with grey" trim, 18" alloys with new tyres, discs and pads, 10 months MOT and a nice half-leather interior (I need to repair the pocket on the back of the passenger seat if anyone has a "fix" for it I'd be hugely grateful!) = D as needs must I needed an estate what with growing children, growing responsibilities and a growing dog...

I'm quite happy with it but needs a few little bits sorting out (Unblocked the plenum drains this morning thanks to the guide!). I have yet to check the fluid level on the clutch (its a bit "notchy" to get in first after slowing down and stopping, every other gear including reverse is fine, and it doesn't slip at all and drives very well aside from that. If you engage second then first, its fine strangely... it had another gearbox fitted in 2013, with a new clutch and master/slave cylinders), rear light clips have been broken and the passenger side cluster has been "refitted" with self-tappers... the footwell trim near drivers door requires a clip (its a bit floppy at one end) and the (leather?) handbrake gaiter is loose and can be coaxed to slide off the front of the handbrake. Just niggles like that really. Engine runs fine and pulls like a train despite its 156k miles. Looking forward to getting it sorted and getting it out on the road! I'm giving it a full service with filters (including pcv), oil and fluids even though the previous owner claimed it had been done "not long ago", but gut instinct tells me otherwise.

Hope I haven't bored you all already ; ) and it goes without saying any tips or solutions on the above would be gratefully received! I have been reading the guides and the information available is spot on, huge thanks to all those who take the time to keep those like me in the know!



Posted 30 Aug 2015, 14:47 #1 

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Borg Warner
Hi Eddie

As it's a diesel just about run in at that mileage, just down the road from you in Stowmarket. So wellcome.

Gary M.

Posted 31 Aug 2015, 06:47 #2