help needed diesel playing up. by thetoneuk

Hi all,drove to France last weekend,with no trouble then 50miles into France the rover started to lose power under 1800rpm, stopped at site then wouldn't start,took about 5/6 turns to get going. been ok mostly during the week but yesterday had to start again filled up the tank so full.has anyone got any ideas? or could it be the dreaded in-tank pump. changed the under bonnet one 4months ago, cleaned the egr valve and replaced seals on inter-cooler pipe,the car is on 168.000 and passed mot last week with only 2 adviser's (brake pipes front slight corrosion, top mount bearing) any help would be welcomed thank you..
ps. its a 2001 75 tourer, cdt 113.

Posted 20 Sep 2012, 08:29 #1 

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A couple of considerations if the car is poor at warm starting and getting worse that is often the cam sensor which costs about £60, the poor performance at low revs could point towards the MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) which you can test by unplugging to see if it makes a difference and if so you are ok to run like that for a while until its replaced but expect a lower mpg
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Posted 21 Sep 2012, 10:38 #2 

thanks for reply trebor... been driving about and it`s just about bearable on-way home tomorrow tried unplugging maf today but couldn't pull off connector but engine cover in way and forgot to bring tools.hopefully it`ll get me home and wont need recovery truck.

Posted 21 Sep 2012, 17:15 #3 

can i put a shout out for anyone in lowestoft/norwich area who can plug the car into a diagnostic please .
thanks tony

Posted 21 Sep 2012, 17:44 #4 

well i made the trip home from Calais to lowestoft with only a a few heart stopping moments one being on ferry terminal when she wouldn't start for ages!!, looked over engine this morning and noticed a connector to the fuel rail not clipped in correctly,pushed it in and car started and ticked over well also revved freely hopefully this was fault will try tomorrow when drive to work . fingers crossed.

Posted 23 Sep 2012, 11:26 #5 

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............and of course check the plenums in case they have water in them, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) in there doesn't like getting wet.

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Well, it could be the fuel rail pressure sensor. That's quite critical so I'm not entirely sure what it would do, but it certainly wouldn't run well.

Posted 25 Sep 2012, 13:01 #7 

thanks guys will be checking plenums weekend. The fuel now showing 48/50 on daily work runs approx 22miles each way on mainly quick A roads. wish i`d thought to take my socket set when i went to France :(

Posted 26 Sep 2012, 19:49 #8 

I think you need to get that MAF disconnected too, as that's an easy fix - if that's what the problem is.

Posted 26 Sep 2012, 21:13 #9