Hello all by Zaxxon

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Hi I'm new to this sort of thing. Never been on a forum sight before so please allow for any mistakes until I get the hang of it. Zaxxon

Posted 01 May 2015, 16:36 #1 

Welcome along.....the only mistake you could make is buying a Jaguar :)

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 01 May 2015, 17:57 #2 

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Hi Alan.
Welcome aboard Don't worry about making mistakes you should find all the help to put you right on here, great wealth of knowledge to be found and shared, depending on where you live and are willing to travel we have nano meets throughout the year which you are more than welcome to come to.

How long have you had the R75 diesel cdt have you checked the plenums yet if please do so asap, because if they get blocked it can damage the ECU (Engine Control Unit) link below. cheers Arctic


Posted 01 May 2015, 22:54 #3 

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Welcome Alan are you able to post any pictures of your car ?
Robs Pictures at :

Robs Car Gallery

click below to access nano website

Planning is an unnatural process, much better to just get on with things, that way failure comes as a complete surprise instead of being preceeded by a period of worry and doubt

Posted 02 May 2015, 08:05 #4