Heated rear screen on tourer by BADLAD

Hi all,

My rear screen keeps coming on whenever I get in and start the car. It's really annoying!
I expect it to come on when I start the window demist, or when I push the button, but it just seems to come on anyway. Is this one of those quirky things that these cars do?
I have done a search and the only other threads point to heaters not working at all, but if there is a problem it might be can bus related. I have finally got my fbh working on a timer with raistlins pcb and I did have to repair the circuit board before the heater would work, so I suppose it's possible that the heater could be causing the strange behaviour, but I thought I would ask before I start another messing session.

Thanks for your time!


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If the outside temperature is below 10 degrees, they come on automatically. Yes it's irritating but someone thought it was a really good idea.

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Yup, definitely irritating!

It's supposed to make it so you save time/energy switching it on, but instead means you waste time/energy switching it off. IIRC it also comes on when you switch on your front screen demist, which is good in principle but often not needed

Nice to just be able to decide when you want it on!

(and I don't think this can be disabled via T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) either...)

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Thanks for that Dave. I kind of suspected that it might be intentional, but it seems so random. Certainly irritating.

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a case of you have to leave with it alas... i would perfair to switch it on myself only but not a option

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Just to add it's exactly the same on a saloon - if it's below 10C then the heated rear window comes on automatically. Of course on a saloon it is usually needed as there is no wiper and at those temps is usually wet on a morning.
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