Headlamp bulb - facelift by Pedro

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Evening all. Is there a knack for fitting the dip headlamp bulb on a facelift? I know it's a bayonet fitting rather than a spring clip, but after fiddling for 3/4 of an hour and losing the skin off my knuckles, I give up. The bulb hasn't blown, it's just come loose after being incorrectly 'fitted' by Halfrauds. It was a few months back, so I can't really take it back now. I got them to change both bulbs, both have come loose, my garage fixed the other one and I presented the bill to the Halfrauds manager. Then one of the wheel arch hatch covers dropped off and had to be replaced. Absolute joke, I will nevertrust Halfrauds to touch my car again.

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Posted 27 Sep 2011, 19:34 #1 

get a vice grips and give metal clip a gentle squeeze, not to much and it will go in not bother, had the same problem wore a hole in the knuckle

Posted 12 Nov 2011, 17:39 #2 

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Pedro wrote: Absolute joke, I will nevertrust Halfrauds to touch my car again.

A guy I met recently had his car looked at by them. Somehow they managed to lose his undertray. And then told him they couldn't get a replacement. Still available new they ARE!

Posted 13 Nov 2011, 20:44 #3 

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it is very awkward but i find that if you sit on the floor with legs facing as far forward as you can then when you put your hand in the wheel arch hatch hole you can get your arm as far forward as possible which helps, on the one side i even moved the bonnet fuse box back a bit but basically you are working blind, although you can see where the lugs that the clips on the bulb locate into and manoevre the bulb in that area before losing sight of the job, hope this all make sense lol !
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