Hands up if this still makes you angry by Jamie

The Brand Values add...still makes my blood boil...what a terrible shame.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io1t0dsl ... re=related

Posted 04 Oct 2012, 19:52 #1 

Well, mildly irritated that the dopey bunch of clowns who drove MGR in bankruptcy should try and associate themselves with the successful parts of our country with a extravagant Russian melody in the background but anger would be too strong an emotion for such nonsense. Really only confirms what a waste of space they were - as if further proof was needed!

Posted 18 Oct 2012, 18:03 #2 

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It's a sorry remake of something done back in the 90's when it was quite appropriate and moving. Only ever shown internally because of issues with paying for images. The original had much less pratting about in cars, and more film of people. My favourite was the bit where David Broome stuck two fingers up at some judges. In those days, it meant something.

Oh, and I agree wholheartedly with Patricks sentiments!

Posted 19 Oct 2012, 20:56 #3