Gmail treating email from forum as spam by Bernard

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In spite of marking as 'not spam' and also adding the Community address to 'friends', gmail persists in putting notifications into the spam folder. Anything I can do except for not using gmail?

Posted 17 Nov 2015, 10:39 #1 

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You could try putting the e mail addresses in your contacts Bernard as Gmail should deliver almost anything to your inbox if the addresses are in your contacts
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Posted 18 Nov 2015, 23:52 #2 

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I did try that but it did not work after a day or so. Have now tried writing a white list but nothing much being sent at the moment so don't know the result. Gmail reports that the source offends some rule or other of theirs, can't remember the wording. Nano emails treated the same- it's all Mick's fault, I tell you. :gmc:

Posted 19 Nov 2015, 00:07 #3 

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Try creating a new mailbox. Then create a rule to move incoming from forums to that mailbox.
Alternatively....................... ;)

Posted 19 Nov 2015, 00:46 #4