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Following a suggestion from a friend on another forum I tried Ghostery, an add-on for Firefox and I have to say that I can recommend it.

It knocks out all the nuisance advertising and tracking on web pages. You know the stuff I mean, where you say, visit a web-page on Armenian goat herding and then forever and a day you get adverts offering you cut-price Armenians, cut-price goats etc.

Since I've started using it I haven't seen another in-page advert :)

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Posted 01 Feb 2015, 12:24 #1 

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I have been using it for a while now Paul on Jürgen's recomendation and as you say well worth it and a bit of an eye opener to see what it tracks
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Posted 01 Feb 2015, 16:52 #2 

Just installed it. Looks good!

Posted 01 Feb 2015, 17:15 #3 

Noscript is an addon I use with firefox as well

Posted 02 Feb 2015, 11:49 #4 

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Must say Adblock works well on FF for me!

On occasion I might log on to a site using IE, that I normally visit with FF, and then the ads take me by surprise!

Posted 02 Feb 2015, 14:33 #5