Getting old by kandyman

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This will make you laugh,

As you can see I have a collection of watches, nothing flash or too dear.

Well today I thought I would wear one I have not worn before but I noticed it was not working, no problem i thought I'll get a new battery put in it today.

Well I popped in to a local high street jewellers and left the watch with them while I carried out a few other chores.

When I popped back to pick the watch up a was greeted with a big smile and the young lady said the watch was now working and there will be no charge, when I asked why there would be no charge I was told that the watch is an automatic and didn't need batteries.

Hope that made you smile :)


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Posted 16 Jun 2013, 18:15 #1 

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:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

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Bermudan 75
Can't wait for Andy to take his Automatic 75 in for servicing........ :roll:

Posted 16 Jun 2013, 18:44 #3 

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I have a a similar collection, but they are all battery powered except for one, so hopefully I won't make the same mistake!


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I have no boxes big enough for my collection of watches... Bit of a watch geek. Currently have 47 (eep!!!!) But I made a similar mistake with my Seiko Kinetic. Didn't realise I'd caught the crown wheel and pulled it out a bit, took me nearly half an hour of charging it (waving my arm round like a twit) and lots of confused staring before I realised my mistake...
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I nave a rather nice Tag Heaur. I bought it when I was flush, it's a 2000 series, which is now called an Aqua Racer. The watch is an automatic with the sweetest movement of the second hand I have seen.

Anyway, a few years ago the watch stopped. I took it back to the dealer and he assured me that a service would get it going. I returned a week later to pick it up and was presented with a bill for £137.00 it required a new spring and I reluctantly paid them.

It still works perfectly after the repair, but now lives in its box.

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I have zero watches :censored: and have never owned one and also have no desire too, i think they represent death as you are watching your life go by but each to their own vices, :thumbsup: until i got married i never even had a clock in my house now i may i wish i could walk round with my eyes closed as every blooming room as one is some manner digital on the cooker on the gas setting,virgin box, pc,even one in the car, drives me mad,so as the title says (getting old) start growing younger as stop clock watching :lol:

Here is a question for you how come when you set the alarm on the clock or watch and it goes off you never ever get up right away, and 9 times out of 10 you are always late for the appointment you are going to, if not and you are on time you have to wait even though your appoinment was at 10.00am you are not seen until at the earliest 15 minutes later or even longer so why have time pieces they do not work really :confused: or is it only me whom is never seen at the time i am supposed to be.

I know we all need to know the time but i just try not follow it if need be my motto is always be early that way it gives you time to think do i want to be here, if not you can leave no good if you turn up and that date you arrange to meet is not what she or he said they were. :lol: :lol: then you are really to late :rolling:

Any way does anyone know what time the nano starts on the 6th 7th JULY ;)

Posted 24 Jun 2013, 18:13 #7 

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I'm with you Steve, haven't got a watch although I used to have. Took it off on holiday years ago and never put it back on.

The nano can start when you get there. 8-)
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Can i have some of what you are on Steve ?
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Trebor wrote:Can i have some of what you are on Steve ?

Pure garlic pills one every other day one vitamin C chew three ltrs water a day 3 gallon of coffee and one OCD wife a recipe for keeping you on the run :lol: :lol:

Bernard i was once bought a watch but somehow never wore it and as time as gone by so as the watch where too i do not know ;) only that tomorrow is another day and try to make the most of it, i hate it by the end of the day if i have not achived something like today i went with Dominic to pick up a rear bumper for his LWB, and came back with this below




Another reason why the engine might vibrate sorry for a bit of highjacking Andy :em:

Posted 24 Jun 2013, 23:01 #10 

My wife insists on putting the alarm clock 20 minutes fast. She says it's so she can have an extra five minutes. When it goes off she depresses (and I use the word carefully) the button and has the aforesaid 5 minutes. Except it lasts 20 minutes. So she gets up at the right time anyway.

Oh, and she conveniently forgets it's me lying there beside her, being woken 20 minutes early.

Posted 24 Jun 2013, 23:26 #11 

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Arctic wrote:today i went with Dominic to pick up a rear bumper for his LWB, and came back with this below

OMG it looks like you've been conned. :mrgreen:


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