Gear Box selector Mechanism issues 2.0 cdi by sewerman

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After taking the car in to the garage to day with its reverse gear issue, wont go into reverse unless its rolling in reverse, they diagnosed possible stretched selector cables,but defiantly play in the selector mechanism on top of the box - 8 in the pic attached - they have adjusted it as far as they can but its made no difference. the cables are available but unfortunately it looks like the selector mechanism is no longer available - none on Rimmers and garage said their search said no longer available. So is there any fix to the sloppy selector problem or is it trying to find a good one from a scrappy?

thanks Scott

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Royal Blue Rover 75 CDT Tourer

Posted 07 Jun 2016, 19:00 #1 

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Did you check the teardrop mount. If its broken it can cause havoc with the cables.

Posted 12 Jun 2016, 18:58 #2