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I had to be towed away by the AA when the car just stopped and would not restart, i had it taken home it then started but i only got about a quarter of a mile before it stopped again. I abandoned it for a few hours when I went back it started again nearly made it to the garage before it stopped again. The garage had it for 4 days they checked the fuel pump pressure and the injectors and the ECU (Engine Control Unit) readings everything was OK they took it out twice a day and it never went wrong and has not done it again. I was low on fuel the light had just come on. reading some posts it points to the fuel pumps failing mine has just done 93000 miles so I bought a set of 2 new ones. I went to fit the one in the engine bay and their isn't one my friends one has one and its the same year, should I have one? should i cut the pipe and fit it? have I got the wrong pump for the tank? do you think it was not a pump problem?

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Later models do not have the under bonnet pump. Even though your friends is the same year VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number is what tells you when a change was made. Do not cut anything and try and fit an under bonnet pump.
A diesel expert will be along to assist. There may be a difference in part numbers for the in tank pump.

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you were driving with the fuel light on = cutting out.
Garage tested the diesel system = ok.
Garage took it out twice a day = it never went wrong, With the fuel light on?, I doubt it
A no brainer really.

You must have misunderstood a post that said - If a diesel cuts out while driving with the fuel light on = it is the fuel pump. If you thought leaving it for a few hours allowed the pump to cool down - Diesel does not just travel to the injectors, it travels through the system via a cooler above a rear wheel on its way back to the tank.
If you intend to keep it then at the mileage you could change the pump for future peace of mind as you already have it, and you will also have a new sender unit.
What was the mileage at purchase - do you know if the fuel pump has not already been replaced. I would not trust any sender unit enough to even pull off the drive with the light on. I never go below 1/4 tank even if I have to pull into motorway services.
Return or sell the under bonnet pump.
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Mick wrote:A diesel expert will be along to assist.

Diesel head Definitely, diesel expert, nah.
If at first you don't succeed, hide the evidence.

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