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I rang my friend Mike to ask if he knew when his nephews garage was due to open again, he said he didn't, and then the conversation went something like this ---

"M" - Why? something up with your car?
Me-- Yes, I have a broken front spring.
"M"- oh dear, that's bad luck innit..
me--: yes it is rather.
M-- You only just put new tyres on din ya,
Me-- Yes i did Mike
M-- they allright?
Me-- no Mike, unfortunately one of them got shredded.
M-- what!! one of the new ones??
Me-- yes of the new ones..
M-- Awww you only just bought them din ya..
Me-- *sighs* Yes I only just bought them..
M-- Kinnel, bet you aint happy..
Me-- Well no, I'm non too pleased. Um are you likely to see your nephew in the near future?
M-- No, not till his garage opens again.
Me-- and you have no idea when that might be?
M -- no I don't..I guess you will want him to fit a new tyre and spring now then?
Me-- yes I will..
M-- he hates doin tyres..
Me. Well maybe I will get the tyre done somewhere else..
M-- Aww do it after coz he will want a look at your tyre
Me-- *huge sigh* and silence--- :evil:
M- you paid a lot of money for those tyres didn't ya?
Me-- yes Mike I did.
M-- Bought em for this bad weather din ya?
Me-- yes I did,
M .- bet you're pi**ed off aint ya?
M-- I am rather, yes.
M-- You only got em just before the snow din ya...
Me --*big sigh* yes I did Mike..
M-- I will pop round later..
Me-- why? you bored or something? :evil:
M- nah, I wanna see your kna******d tyre..
Me-- I really wouldn't bother if I were you, unless you also fancy a fat lip!! :whump: :twisted:
Mike-- ahhh... Well I might leave it then ay..--- And he hung up whilst laughing very very loudly. lol.... :lol: :lol:

Well I guess that's what friends are for innit... :D :) :cheers:

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With friends like that....................................
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Keep your friends close...and your enemies closer.....

Remind me. Which one was he again? :lol:

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