Free Ad aware ? by Trebor

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I used to run both Spybot and Ad aware on both my pcs to compliment the internet security i have with McAfee, and then stopped just trusting McAfee to do the job, but as i believe it doesnt remove certain security risks that the other 2 programmes do then i want to start using them again.

No problem with Spybot, easy to find and download, but Ad aware appears to have transposed itself into a free Internet Security programme at around 86mb, which i dont want or need.

Does anyone know if the old Ad aware programme still exists to download or if not could somebody recommend a free and trusted programme to do the same ?
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Posted 25 Jan 2011, 22:58 #1 

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Go for Microsoft Security Essentials. That is a good all in one package and what I recommend for people over the old AVG/SpyBot setup.

Posted 26 Jan 2011, 11:30 #2 

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It is only now available as a whole package for download not as a stand alone product anymore I'm afraid.
A great shame for many.

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Posted 26 Jan 2011, 13:01 #3 

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Hi Trebor,

Put a link below it is free and I am told it is vary good also Webuser which is a computer magazine also recommends it.
Hope it will be of help to you.


Forgot to say, just download where it says download.That is the one without the Anti-virus.If you need a free antivirus just read down and that is also free.

Posted 26 Jan 2011, 16:53 #4