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The lad has started Uni this week and he's been told his memory stick is way to small. It's been suggested a 1TB external hard drive would be best. We are talking about the ones about twice the size of a blackberry phone and as slim. Do any members have any suggestions to what flavour is better that than others?

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all the same although probably cheaper if you buy the components separately how ever a 1TB slimline HDD will not be cheap and also is a lot more susceptible to damage. He will need to make sure it is safely removed every time he disconnects it and make sure it is not knocked when on. parts below



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I'd go for a 2.5" USB 3.0 drive by Seagate or Western Digital. Or FireWire, if it's not for a PC but a Mac.

A 3.5" hard disc will require its own power supply, whereas a 2.5" HDD gets its power via USB/FireWire.
USB 3.0 is way faster than 2.0, but can be used with a USB 2.0 only PC too (obviously slower).

http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/produc ... hard-drive

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