Exterior Lights Malfunction by sappy75

Hi, I have the following problem on my 2004 Rover 75:-

- No indicators or hazards (Front or back, side wing indiactors come on constant with side or dipped beam)
- No High Beam
- No fog lamps (Front or back)
- No tail lights
- No brake lights

I have checked all bulbs, fuses, and earth points, checked wiring behind both fuse boxes for damage, had my light switch module replaced and reprogrammed, and still no luck.

Anyone any ideas of what to try next?

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Do you have an FBH (Fuel burning heater.) installed? Worth checking.
Or could be wire chafing front offside, remove bumper to view.


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Thanks for the response. I shall try and establish if I have an FBH (I have a Connoisseur SE model) and disconnect it, and look at the wiring behind the bumper. Do I need to completely remove the bumper?

Posted 05 Jun 2014, 11:46 #3 

You will have a rectangularish box near to the fusebox under the bonnet if you have one.

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PaulT wrote:You will have a rectangularish box near to the fusebox under the bonnet if you have one.

That is if you have a FBH. If yours is a factory 131 engine then the FBH would have been an option.It lives, as PaulT says, in front of the battery box, and behind the underbonnet fusebox.

Posted 05 Jun 2014, 18:22 #5 

I believe it is the BMW 131 engine. I shall have a look at it over the weekend. Hopefully on Monday I'll be able to report what the problem was.

Till then, thanks for your responses.

Posted 06 Jun 2014, 11:43 #6 

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The FBH is a silver box in front of the battery with 2 terminal plugs in the top and a sticker with webasto on it.

This a picture of the top of mine

The plug to remove is the on with 3 wires (or more) feeding in.

I found it easier to remove the rear plug first, it has a single clip facing the engine press at the top and pull up the plug, then the front plug which has 2 clips facing the front and rear of the car, squeeze together and pull up the plug.

Hope this helps


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Yes its easier to remove the rear plug first, but unfortunately a bad thing to do. Removing the rear plug, with the other one still on, and the battery still connected can (but not always) damage the circuits inside the FBH.

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Ah there you go a word from the wise thanks Duncan
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Posted 06 Jun 2014, 20:37 #9 

No FBH. I ended up testing all inputs and outs of the LSM (Light Switch Module). It would appear all is good so the LSM is duff. It was a re-programmed donor from another car.

Posted 09 Jun 2014, 11:43 #10