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Hello all, I'm a Newbie! I have a Rover 75 1.8 Petrol '05 model. Initially the drivers side door failed to open using the central locking system, and I had to revert to using the key to gain access. Since then about two weeks ago, the car suddenly stopped cranking the engine, whilst cold or hot. (A new battery was put in last November and the battery is still in top condition.) So, three times since then the car has failed to start. I get into the car and put the key in the ignition as usual, all the ignition lights appear, all the electrics work ok, but when I go for the 'cranking' position I get nothing! I replaced the batteries inside the key I mainly use, and tested the batteries in the spare key. I had the problem on Thursday last week, and I changed over to the spare key, I locked and unlocked the car a couple of times whilst sitting inside the car, and trying to turn the engine with the spare key, this finally got a result, and the car started. It was ok until yesterday, and now I can't get it started at all. It's a great car, and I just love the comfort, but this is being a pain.
I hope someone has an idea.

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Without actually watching and listening to what is going on I can only suggest these problem solvers.
If when you turn the key there is a click (Listen carefully for this) but the starter motor doesn't work, then the starter motor is at fault. Check to make sure that the Earth connection from the battery to the engine is good by undoing the bolt and cleaning up the connection before refitting it up again nice and tight. If no joy after that then the starter motor is faulty and will need replacing. If there is a fairly loud "Clunk" but the starter doesn't work then the starter motor is stuck in the flywheel ring. If the car is a manual gearbox, put it into first gear and rock the car backward and forward a few times and try again. If the car is still the same, the starter motor will have to come off and if you know what to do to clean up the starter mechanism do that, if not replace the starter.
If the car does absolutely nothing on the key (No Click or clunk) then it would seem you have either a main fuse gone or more likely, if it has started before and then refused to start again it sounds like the Alarm/Immobiliser is giving you the problem. If so, locate the alarm/immobiliser unit and wiggle the wiring connector, this may do the trick. Once working spray with WD40 to stop further problems.
Hope this helps if not I am sure others on here will add to this advice or correct me if I am wrong.

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I'm thinking it's more-likely to be an electrical problem than mechanical. I was thinking around the immobiliser type of problem, does anyone know where the immobiliser is located, and where the wires are that could do with a WD40-ing? Still open to other suggestions, this problem just seemed to arrive out of the blue!

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Sounds like classic starter solenoid failing, they are becoming a common problem as our cars age as they are known to wear.

Available on ebay for under £15 delivered, around 20 mins to change once you have the starter off, other cause of this is the small gauge wire connected to the starter, the connection corrodes and fails to make contact.
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I'm with Dave (Takestock). Do you have a multimeter? If so test the small white / red wire connected to the starter motor. It should go to 12v when you turn the key. If not then it's not the starter.

I have seen a problem with the immobiliser, but it was an internal relay and had been caused by a previously failed starter motor. If the white / red wire at the starter is dead, try it on both sides of the immobiliser box in the drivers footwell. If it's live one side, dead the other it will be the immobiliser, either a faulty relay or an electronic problem.

Other possibilities are the ignition switch itself, or a loose supply or earth. But back to what Dave said, try that first.

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