Electric seat runners by spy45

I have been messing about trying to decide whether or not to graft 75 electric seats into a 45. I have been helped out with the width of the 75 fore and aft tracks which is 42cms. The 45 runner width is 46cms, so on the face of it just a couple of plates!!!!! and all is OK. My concern with increasing the width by two plates is those lovely Insurance chaps who love to invalidate our insurance at the drop of a hat. I have noticed on all diagrams that the drive shafts from motor to runners appears to be bent. Now for the next stage of my 'problem'. Is the casing of the drive shafts a flexible tube ( like the old Morris Minor windscreen drives were in) or is a solid tube. The reason for this question IS can I get 2cms from each side of the fore and aft motor by straightening the tubes. I assume that the drive is via something on the lines of a speedo cable. Thanks for your patience.

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Yes, its a flexible cable, inner and outer.

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Thanks for that.

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