Driver's electric window switch pack gremlins..... by Merl

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Very strangely my drivers window switch pack stopped operating... plugged in old one and it worked but the mirrors didn't but then only worked for about a minute... unplugged and unplugged back in and nothing... change back to powerfold one and it works for about a minute again and then dies... Mirrors don't work on either except the button to powerfold them. Not sure but possibly on the powerfold one it seem to die when I plugged in the mirror controls. So I am a bit stumped as even left the mirror wires unplugged and it still switched off after a minute. It is like it has a sleep mode....

Windows still work from the key when locking and unlocking in the door and other switches power the windows fine.

Any idea's?


Posted 31 May 2012, 20:06 #1 

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Martin, first thing I'd do is open the switchpack and give the contacts a clean with a fibre pencil or equivalent. That would rule out corrosion and then if still faulty could look at things to do with wiring.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 31 May 2012, 20:49 #2 

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There are two supplies to the pack. Permanent and ignition. Sounds like your ignition live is missing, as this would cause the sysmptoms. It stays live for about 1 minute after ignition off in normal operation. Unplugging plugging back in wakes it up but without ignition feed it will just shut down.

Start by checking the fuses, then as Paul says the wiring in the A pillar connector. We have seen problems with the permanent live circuit on a number of cars, but never yet the ignition.

Posted 01 Jun 2012, 07:27 #3 

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Have a read here for the "How To" on taking the switch pack apart, thanks to Mike for the How To.


Posted 01 Jun 2012, 07:44 #4 

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Hey Martin. Sorry you're having problems with it. Has it been like this since the nano? Hoping it's not my fault. :em:

Posted 02 Jun 2012, 11:13 #5