door shutting problem by soggy

I have to be really careful when shutting my drivers door as it will only hold on the second catch unless you shut it very gently. It can be fine for weeks and then have a session of not working properly. I guess it is the catch mechanism. is it a replacement or an adjustment that is needed?

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Mmmm, I've heard of the problem the other way whereby needing to slam the door to get it to shut. To me it might be the case that a bit of lubrication could be needed, like the release mechanism is jamming open.
Pull the handle out and squirt some High Performance Oil ( ... -400ml.jpg ), available from Halfords inside as well as into the Keyhole and see if this helps.
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The lock keep may need some adjustment. Slack off the two retaining screws slightly, slam the door and keep pressure on via the handle then open the door. Thus leaving the keep in it's optimum position. Tighten the two retaining screws, alternately, a little at a time so as to prevent the keep moving as you tighten.
You may have to repeat this operation a couple or three times to get it just right.
I used this method as both my front doors were not aligned with the rest of the bodywork to my satisfaction.
Combined with Bills lubrication tips this should help.

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Thanks. I don't mind spending a bit of time on it as I now know it is not a generic fault.

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