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hi im new here

i wonder if anyone can tell me how i can remove the key barrel from teh driver side inner door handle.

i have recently had to replace the central locking motors and whilst doing this, a nylon lever and spring dropped out of teh inner door handle mechanism.

i have a haynes but its not that helpful.

i have removed teh outer chrome handle but cant get teh inner handle out, woiuld i have to remove teh door glass to do this.

i have ordered a new complete handle assembly and once i get the old one out of teh dooor want to put my original lock barrel into the new unit

what i need to know is the best way to get the inner handle out of teh door , do i have to remove teh glass and window mechanism.
also how does the lock barrrel come oyt of teh inner handle assemmbley

i hope some one can help
thank you

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The Haynes manual does state and show how to remove the door handle assembly, if you have the outer handle off you found the wire clip shown in 13.6b picture, wind the window to the closed position remove the screws under the rubber gaskets then slide the assembly off the central locking motor by moving the arm section at the base of the door handle inner section towards the inside of the door skin, then withdraw assembly, remove black/grey cover from arm pointing downward when fitted, note how the wheels and wires fit, then remove 'e' clip from back of lock barrel push unit from handle.


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This may help

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