Community Discount For EBC Brakes by kandyman

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Another great discount offer for our members,

The guys over at EBC Brakes Direct have offered us a 15% total discount to use on their online shop.

You can read all about it here. viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1364

Posted 27 Jul 2010, 17:26 #1 

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(Site Admin)
Congratulations on getting yet another excellent and exclusive discount for the members of the Community forum. 15% off is an extremely good deal.
Thank you on behalf of everyone and thanks to EBC Brakes Direct.

Posted 28 Jul 2010, 10:12 #2 

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Your welcome Mick,

I still have a few other deals that i want to try and get on board :)

Posted 28 Jul 2010, 16:49 #3 

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Oooo, thanks guys!

I had EBC discs/pads all round on my last car and really liked them. The brake dust seemed less "sticky" on the alloys.

Posted 29 Jul 2010, 12:52 #4 

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Well done to all involved! Its great to see these offers and hopefully to use them aswell 8-)
Superabit omnia virtus

Posted 29 Jul 2010, 15:13 #5 

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Well done for this!
Discounts are the sort of thing we should see from such a community as this. 8-)
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Posted 29 Jul 2010, 16:08 #6 

Well done guys,I have Greenstuff Kevlar on the rear of the 75,super brakes now,much more responsive and a goodbye to corroded discs too.P.

Posted 03 Aug 2010, 21:31 #7