Coach Bolts without the Square by Mad-Monkey

Is it possible to get coach bolts or anything similar without the square cup? Roofing bolts are good but then I want a plain head as per a coach bolt. Google shows nothing, but then I maybe searching wrong.

I want to mount some wood gears to a wood panel and use the bolt as the shaft. The square cup would stop the gear rotating unless I drilled out enough clearance. The plain head is needed for looks and safety so there are no unnecessary edges.

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Reckon All "Coach bolts/screws have the square to prevent rotation
Pan heads are about the nearest but you would have to have a slot in the head on these.
Dome heads tend to have an allen key hole .

if you are after the plain dome look , maybe some Mirror fixing bolts with the screw in dome cover ? if there are such things

Maybe just a bolt and seem to be one size?

Or file off most of the square from a coach bolt and then finish off in a Drill ?? maybe ;)

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how about domed headed bolts and all thread? you could use nylock domes for security and cut the thread to suit.

Or if they are small diameter and length pan head machine screws ( would have a slot or philips head in the top though)

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Thanks for the ideas chaps, the oval security bolts are the closest to what I need but I need a larger head. Having gone to a few hardware shops I think the coach bolts are going to have to do, I'll drill out some clearance on the gear so it can rotate.

It can't have anything loose or bits that will come off, so the mirror covers won't do it, and I can't have any edges unless they are smoothed out. I guess my idea was a bit too specific :)

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Sorry for the late reply too! I've been having trouble with tapatalk replying! :(

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A mate of mine has a lathe, I could cut the corners off some for you.

Or grind the corners off with the bench grinder.
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That's a great idea. Thanks Steve I have a grinder so will give it a bash, if it goes horribly wrong I'll take you up on your offer with the lathe! Thanks :-)

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Just file off the corners by hand, then pop in a drill and then clean up with a file and some emery paper if you need too
easy peasy .

Bench grinder too as mentioned before.. just off with the corners then let it rotate slowly in the fingers to finish off .

or I've got a lathe too.. :em: but long way away .


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