Clutch bleed guide by sewerman

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Hi is there a guide on here to bleeding the clutch ? I've looked but can't see one. I'm having trouble selecting reverse a few months after new clutch,dmf and slave and want to check if a clutch bled will sort before back to the garage.

Thanks Scott

Posted 01 Jun 2016, 18:24 #1 

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Hi Scott.
take it back asap do not mess with it as they will only blame you if it is faulty, no way should you have trouble getting reverse or any other gears with the work you had carried out.

Posted 02 Jun 2016, 23:39 #2 

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Yes Steve after thinking about it this is what was happening 11 months after they fitted the clutch plate and slave originally only it's now a few weeks after 2nd new clutch plate and new DMF so it's going in Tuesday. I think it's hydraulic posibly master cylinder as no obvious leaks I could see. Lukiley I'm on a slope so can roll back and it slips into reverse.

Posted 03 Jun 2016, 18:00 #3