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Looks beautiful. Very baby Bentley. :D Practical...mehhhh ;) Sunglasses...

Posted 29 Sep 2010, 21:58 #21 

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Noticed this on Ebay, after I'd paid for another item and the close down page recommends other items. I remembered your post so paste it here.

Might be interesting for those of us (like me) not skilled enough to render a result with your skills ... ... 3446793193

Posted 30 Sep 2010, 02:26 #22 

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That is where i got the original idea from, i put those on but SWMBO said she could see the edges not joining properly, so i took them off, not saying they are no good, i just did not do them properly, so with a dash staring me in the face everyday my mind starting to try to improve on it, those are definitely worth a try, just make sure you take your time doing the part where the flaps meet the frame.

Posted 30 Sep 2010, 03:13 #23