Chinnor Railway Meet August 12th by Petetourer

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Hi All...

Well I have been on the phone to the Customer Services Manager at Chinnor Rail and have provissionally set a date for the 12th August. Used as a setting in Midsomer Murders its the ideal setting for a Rover 75, I am hoping to convince Lewis to bring the Barnarby 75 along as well..

See here for details of the location...

I would suggest that the meet would start around 11-12:00 and there would be a train ride booked in for 15:00... This would take around an hour so we would be back by 16:00 ready for a final look around and then leave whenever you like...

Prices look to be £7.60 for an adult and £4.00 for kids, I can be more certain on the price when I have some definite numbers

There is also an option to have a cream tea whilst taking the ride on the train and this will cost an additional £5.00. I would need to know this before booking SO PLEASE ADD IF YOU WANT TO HAVE THE CREAM TEAS ON BOARD>>>

So what I need from you guys is some definite numbers... So if you can add your name to the list if you could make it then it would be great... I would need to get back to the guy as quickly as possible really as they seem to be getting pretty booked up...

They will arrange for us to have allocated parking, so that all cars can be parked together...

So please let me know ASAP whether you can attend...

Many Thanks,


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i'll check the calender

Posted 17 May 2012, 07:02 #2 

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if date confirmed should be ok

Posted 17 May 2012, 07:09 #3 

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Ok mate... I will add you to the list.... Cheers!!

Posted 18 May 2012, 09:04 #4