check your (wheel) nuts!!!!!!! by payner75t

got the shock of my life today . was doing a small job on my synergie today and had to remove the rear wheel, to my horror i discovered the wheel nuts were only finger tight. checked the other wheels and all were the same!!! . the wheels have not been touched since i bought it,so never checked the bolts.
believe me i've now checked all my cars !!!! ,the 75 and the ax were fine , not really sure what happened to the synergie,whether they weren't tightened properly last time the car was worked on or if they worked loose on thier own.
will check then regulaly from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :panic: :panic:
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Posted 08 Jun 2010, 15:53 #1 

thankfully you fould out in time.

some mouths ago I was behide a London Bus. when the rear wheel come off :oops: and over took the bus. lucky the wheel near hit any one. closed the road off for two hours as they fould a way to get it back on.
it was laster fould out the bus had been return to the garage to have the nuts looked at only to be sent out without doing any thing.
reson no one told the garage why it was return. and the drive never looked when taking the bus over. He lost his job.

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no our cars the wheel nut tourqe should be set at 125nm as info from codex states.
will have a look tommrow to see if there are any differences in the v8 range.

Posted 09 Jun 2010, 18:11 #3