Chartermark's 75 ski blue Connoisseur for sale. by Chartermark

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After eight very happy years I've decided to part with my Ski Blue 2004 Smokestone and WALNUT interior (54 reg) Connoisseur diesel (131 bhp) '75. I've owned it since June '06 with then just 3,700 miles on the clock, today it's covered just under 80k and I've driven every one of those miles, as I retired with the car from my last employer. Oil changed every 6-7,000 miles, ATF changed twice, last 7,000 miles ago, new battery fitted April. Air con recharged, of course full service history, all MOT's, a library of bills and with a 'host' of extras viz;

Bonnet mechanism mod/ New front window glasses (from Rimmers) / Rear power blind / Meteor 17"s / Harman Kardon ipod kit / In Line Top Hose Thermostat / Starter Button / Klaxon horn/ Dab Radio / EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) Bypass / Walnut Gear change and Handbrake with Grey leather gaiters / Door Finishers / Mesh Alloy Under grille / Front Parking Sensors / Remote Control Lights & Memory Seat functions / Floor Headlight Dip Switch / Coil Spring Tyre Protectors / Elevated Mk 1 Grille Badge / Spyhole Plenum Mod / Full Retrofit limited edition Dash / Cruise Control / 'Walnut' (a la Bulgaria) Interior Door Handle inserts, Visa Covers, full door panel copings all round, all interior light copings. I also had the steering wheel recovered in exact matching Smokestone leather and then re-polished in Walnut and sealed by a classic car restoration expert. This last small part cost over £200 alone. New Interior mats (OE). Also a unique bespoke addition, 'remote control drivers seat operation to 2 settings and exterior lights working from the same mini remote control (2 of)'. (fitted and designed by Paul and Duncan) from the community. There are two working keys plus two that just need programming, (I have the codes), plus 2 blanks of the flip type sold on the other place. Tyres are good (I fitted 2 new ones 1,400 miles ago!). MOT until December. No tax (I now drive on a disabled ticket).

Virtually as clean under the bonnet as the day it was born. No dings, scratches or rust, it's been my pride and joy. Sadly my increasingly degenerative physical condition has now made driving it very difficult. As you will see it's not gone far these past few years. Finally the GP has advised me that as I'm 70 next year, I ought to think about other ways to get about as my licence might not get renewed? I may have to Ebay it, or advertise more widely, but thought I'd offer her first here, as I'd really like the car to go to an enthusiast if possible and I know many of you are familiar with the car? It's taken me over a week to get to this stage I assure you! I realise what they fetch today, but hope this one is a just a 'little' bit special and they are getting harder to find with an average mileage of under 8,000 a year and in pristine condition. I've spent well over £8k through the years.

I'll get some photo's up in the next few days, when I can manage it...


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Hi Martin

Firstly hope you are ok if not necessarily fighting fit .

Sad to see your post but maybe understandable if you can not drive it much longer.

It will be a great buy for someone and possibly unique given some of the special mods you had done , so good luck with the sale and dont forget the pictures and the price of course.

Dont suppose we will see you at another Nano meet now which is a real shame but you take care and hopefully you will still post on here to stay in touch


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Thanks Rob, You never know, if Lewis fancies a drive, or I may make it up in something else. My wife is nervous of driving, what for her, with a new licence is a big car to park. Perhaps a Fiat 500, or even a 280SLK (only 10 inches longer than a mini) could get me there. I had one from new 12 years back and she handled that OK. The new shape R171's are even easier to handle, being much lighter.

I suppose I'm looking for offers on the 75 please. I think you all know I'm a financial realist, but believe it's a beautiful practical car, with lots of life left in it yet.

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Hi Martin, Sorry to ask but is it a Tourer? I'm new the the site.
It sounds a stunning motor.
I'd recommend a Fiat 500 Arbath, great fun.
Thanks for your time, Martin.

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Cobwobbler wrote:Hi Martin, Sorry to ask but is it a Tourer? I'm new the the site.
It sounds a stunning motor.
I'd recommend a Fiat 500 Arbath, great fun.
Thanks for your time, Martin.

Martin isn't on the site very often Martin so, I will answer for him. The car is a saloon and, you are correct it is a stunningly good example.
Best of luck with your search. :)

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Ah shoot, not to worry. I shall continue my search.
Thanks, Martin.

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Dave Goody
I'm so sorry to see this as I too have had to make a car change recently due to my wifes disability. She has knee problems [both] and was having difficulty getting out of the ZT especially when a high kerb on her side. We thought get another vehicle which was higher and keep the ZT for me to play with. Unfortunately the ZT was in line for belts, tyres, and the heads off to diagnose an overheating problem which meant after owning it for 10 years + 5 years of 75s it had to go. I am now the proud? owner of a Nissan X Trail which certainly helps the wifes mobility but does nothing for me. I hope Martin you will hang around on the forums occasionally? I certainly will. I may well return to the fold if the right car comes along cheaply. I hope someone buys your car on the forum as I have seen it many times and it is one of the best on the forums and a joy to behold. Prospective buyers don't expect this to be a cheapie as it is as good as it gets.
Please keep in touch Martin and call down to see us anytime you may be in the area. Dave and Rose

Posted 20 Feb 2015, 13:41 #7