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I have a 04 75 with a harmon Kardon player. The boot had a leak and the 6cd player and amp may have got wet. I took both of them out and dried them out in case they needed it. the eject button wouldnt work on the 6cd player (and still doesnt. Thought it may be a fuse. Have looked at fuses 11 and 33 in the hand book related to audio. Both fuses look ok.

The radio works ok but no power going to the 6cd player. Also noticed the single cd player when the front panel is droped down. Once again, no power as not taking the disk.

I have run out of ideas

Any help greatfully appriciated. I am in the Norwich area.


Posted 18 Oct 2010, 14:28 #1 

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I presume you have a HighLine system with the Harmon Kardon setup?

If so, option 1:
All of these items although will 'work' independently they all ultimately rely on the SatNav computer to run the whole shebang. Does the SatNav shut down correctly of it's own accord? (i.e. does the little little light go out once you open the boot and providing you open or close nothing else within 5 or so minutes?).

If not, option 2:
The water damage is more extensive than you think. I would try looking at the fuses at a minimum and maybe then look to see if there is members local to you who may be willing to help out in swapping components over with their own to eliminate any of your components as faulty.

More ideas may be forthcoming from other members too :)

Posted 18 Oct 2010, 17:53 #2 

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Simon, I think it's an Iovox, as the head unit apparently has a drop down and a single CD.

I think the power for the CD player comes from the radio itself, so may be worth checking it's properly plugged into the back of the radio.

From what I heard on various forums, the iovox radios aren't that reliable, and mine in my 04 plater had a duff CD.

Posted 18 Oct 2010, 19:16 #3 

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Thanks for the replies. I have managed to buy another CD 80 head unit through Rover Parts Gateway. Cost £45 with Vat and P+P £62.
I will give this a try as I suspect my old CD 80 head unit is on its way out (Keeps asking for code intermitantly)

Posted 26 Oct 2010, 17:23 #4