Caterham 21 6 speed gear box by charlie 22

charlie 22
Hi all, I have been reading about the Caterham 21 on MSN, it was powered by the 1.8 k series in various forms plus the range topper had a Vauxhall 2l engine. As a factory option there was a 6 speed gear box I was thinking, would that gear box fit our k series cars?.

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I don't know, but expect the Caterham configuration is quite different. Isn't it rear engined? If yes, then I would think it had a North / South configuration which would make the gearbox and diff totally different, but then it could be East/West like the MGF and therefore possibly with some significant work something that could work. But you might be looking at changing driveshaft lengths and so on which is no 'plug and play' option.

Posted 19 Dec 2017, 22:30 #2 

charlie 22
Was thinking out side the box for our cars, as it won't be a plug and play that ends that train of thought.

Posted 20 Dec 2017, 09:51 #3