Cark 91 bluetooth converter by geesmith

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My car had a Cark 91 hands free kit already fitted when I bought it and I was half wishing I still had my old Nokia so I could put it to use.

I was searching around and found a converter on thebay. This particular piece of kit resembles a mobile phone and simply sits in the cradle and patches your bluetooth phone through the existing kit.
I'll update when it arrives and I've had a read of the manual and tried it.

It seems a simple way to upgrade an outdated piece of wiring or ripping out to do and full access to the built in mic and radio mute etc. . . I believe it doesn't require a battery either (wish I could say the same for the overrated Blackberry!).
Cost £59.95 inc postage.

from ...
and on ebay as...
item #260577806583 Nokia 6310i CARK91 Bluetooth Adapter Kit CARK 91 CARK11

and looks like...
cark kit converter.jpg

Even I can hit those buttons...(wish I could say the same for the overrated Blackberry!). :twisted:

...also, found this review before clicking 'buy now'.

"I've just bought this device from ebay but wanted to review it because it's been excellent. Plug'n'play, I put it in the handset holder, turned it on, and then I set it up with my Nokia phone on bluetooth all within the space of maybe 20 seconds. Now it's paired with my phone, I don't need to do the setup everytime, I just turn it on and the two devices connect."

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Posted 03 Sep 2010, 22:50 #1 

Hi Glynn,

I too am looking for something simple to convert my Cark 91. Mine is integrated with the hi line system so there may be a difference if yours has the standard fit radio.

I look forward to seeing your feedback.


Posted 08 Sep 2010, 18:56 #2 

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Well it came eventually got round to fitting it. I was initially disappointed to find that you have to clip it in the cradle yourself... ;)
It would have taken 30 seconds to be up and running if I'd had my readers on. . . so a full minute was taken to install including the reading of the directions. Bluetooth on my phone found it and the proverbial Bob is a sibling of your parent. Works perfectly, mutes the radio, works for voice actuation and was reported as sounding very clear...even whilst driving.

For £60 a very good upgrade if you have the Cark cradle fitted...certainly much cheaper than removal and refit of a newer system. I gave it a 10.1 out of 10.

I would imagine it would be just as effective with the Hi-line Steve. It's a shame we aren't closer together as it would only take seconds to set up and try.... may struggle to find a member near me with the necessary Cark and Hi-Line. Maybe you could negotiate sale or return....

Posted 09 Sep 2010, 18:24 #3 

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Hi Steve i have a nokia blue tooth convertor. I understand they are now in short supply. I had it fitted in my previous ZTT and it worked great and I intend to use it in my present car when I get round to fitting it.The only dray bck is you cannot charge your phone as with your old nokia phone. I try to attanding the picnic in Notts car willing :hail: and you are wecome to try it in your car before you purchase one. :)

sorry steve just noticed you location :em: i dont think you will make itto nottingham but the offer still stands.

Posted 10 Sep 2010, 00:43 #4 

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Ditto that Woolley....doesn't charge your phone. On the plus side it's a gizmo that doesn't need batteries itself. :)

Posted 10 Sep 2010, 08:09 #5 

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For £60 a very good upgrade if you have the Cark cradle fitted...certainly much cheaper than removal and refit of a newer system. I gave it a 10.1 out of 10.

You can buy the Nokia CK-7W system for less than £60 new and less from ebay or secondhand. ... dition=new
The majority of the work with the wiring has already been done for the original fitting so just need to change the black box. Swap over the existing speaker, mirophone, ariel (if fitted) and handset connections if you want to keep it) and add the bluetooth button.

Still not as simple as just plugging this in though.

Posted 10 Sep 2010, 11:30 #6 

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Yep, should have said much cheaper than the alternatives that I found...obviously not a very thorough search. ;) I came across the Cark 11 and its simplicity appealed.

Posted 10 Sep 2010, 19:12 #7 

Thanks for the feedback team. Still not sure of the way forward especially as I am tempted by one of the complete radio/satnav/bluetooth/mp3/.....toaster/shavers ;) that you can buy from RadioGuy.


Posted 15 Sep 2010, 21:05 #8