Car is eating bulbs? by Tootall

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Last weekend i changed both headlight bulbs (only one had gone) then on the way to work in the week the bulb failure symbol came up again, this time both front sidelights had gone and now today i have one of the rear sidelights gone. Apart from the headlights all the other bulbs are the ones that where fitted at Longbridge, i wonder if the replacements will last seven years?
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Posted 22 Dec 2012, 17:32 #1 

Probably not :P

I went through 3 Bulbs on the Front N/S Dipped Beam in as many Months. I wouldn't mind, but at £20 each Bulb (Halfords extra bright ones), it was getting silly. I have now had Tesco £4.99 Bulb Kit Bulbs in for 9 Months without a one Blowing.

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Posted 22 Dec 2012, 20:49 #2 

Dave Goody
It is strange. I keep seeing threads on bulbs blowing regularly. i have had my ZT for 8 years and never, ever replaced a bulb of any sort? I would like a headlight to go, just to make me get a set of Nightseekers for better lighting. I'm sure if I replace 2 working bulbs I will tempt fate and immediatly start to blow bulbs! Dave

Posted 16 Jan 2013, 21:43 #3 

We had had our 75 from new and that is now 12 years ago! In that time I have had to replace 2 dipped headlight bulbs and perhaps 3 rear brake lights. I think the secret to longevity is to ensure you don't drive around with them on in daylight - the less you use them the less likely they are to blow. Also reduces the chance of you being mistaken for a bint in a Volvo!

Posted 30 Jan 2013, 12:48 #4 

I would rather drive with my headlights on and replace bulbs. Stats show that the risk of an accident is reduced, i think it was by 40%. I must be a bint in a Rover.

Posted 27 Feb 2013, 13:51 #5 

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polinsteve wrote:I would rather drive with my headlights on and replace bulbs. Stats show that the risk of an accident is reduced [...]

Indeed it's cheaper to replace the bulbs than the bumper. Let's look upon the costs for the bulbs as an additional insurance. ;)

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Posted 27 Feb 2013, 18:25 #6 

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I put nightbreakers in our 45. I liked the increase in performance but one died quite quickly. And yes I was careful not to touch.

Posted 27 Feb 2013, 20:46 #7 

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My 75 is running with the DRL activated. The Osram Ultra Life, which I fitted more than 20 month resp. 20,000 miles ago, are still working fine. :thumbsup:
... (but probably not for long anymore, now that I've mentioned this :roll: ).

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Posted 27 Feb 2013, 21:26 #8 

DRLs might just be useful if you are driving a white car in the snow in Norway or Sweden but in normal visibility in the UK they are a pointless affectation. If you cannot see a car at half a mile then you should be driving nothing more challenging than a mobility scooter. Studies by the US Department of Transport show that this silly things make absolutely no statistical difference to the number of traffic accidents. Now I realise the world is fully of silly affectations (such a personalised number plates) but what annoys me about DRL is that the European Joke Factory in Brussels is making them compulsory for no better reason than to show how much power they have over our lives.

Looking on the bright side, at least it is not as disruptive to the lives of the citizenry as the European Economic Suicide Pact (or, as it is more commonly known, the euro...)

Posted 02 Mar 2013, 16:36 #9 

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An interesting point of view, especially as many countries disagree with your view and have made running witn either DRLs or dipped headlights compulsory as they believe it makes a differnce. Maybe Canada is being ruled by the EES as you refer to it?

Personally I also think they are pointless, but lets not let that get in the way of a good political rant.....

Posted 02 Mar 2013, 19:53 #10 

Modern car lights are getting too bright causing excessive dazzle to on coming drivers in my opinion. I have a classic fitted with sealed beam units and I now drive around with main beam constantly on and oncoming traffic does not react/flash. Blindingly bright lights are great....on a one way street!

Posted 26 Mar 2013, 16:45 #11 

Check the loom isn't rubbing on the chassis leg fwiw.

Posted 30 Mar 2013, 22:27 #12