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We,re coming to the meal Saturday night and Ive just spoken to the owner, and he said if theres no objections from people attending the meal, then we can bring our dog into the lounge while we have our meal, we will sit slightly away from other people .
but if theres any objections then we will try to sort out something else for Xena while we eat,

Posted 11 Apr 2011, 20:40 #1 

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Sorry i thought this post was from Tim, Now i realise it's from you Heather and your on about the family mutt :D :D

no problems from me :)
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Posted 11 Apr 2011, 20:52 #2 

mmmmmmm. not sure if I should thank you or hit you, :shock: :shock:

Posted 11 Apr 2011, 20:55 #3 

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Ahhh you know me heather, happy with either after a few beers :D :D
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Posted 11 Apr 2011, 21:00 #4 

Yes Dave I do know you, :D

right so thats no objection from you, so if anyone really doesnt want Xena there, please let us know, I dont want to take her in at the meal and people to feel uncomfortable,or eat their meal quickly to get out of the lounge,
Dont want anyone to not enjoy their meal

If you,re uncomfortable about saying on an open forum, that you dont like dogs, or that you,re allergic to dogs please feel free to pm me.

Posted 11 Apr 2011, 21:05 #5 

So 25 people have read this so far, but no other comments except from Dave, does that mean everyone is happy for us to take our dog into the lounge for the meal

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 08:55 #6 

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I have viewed this but as I'm not going I have not commented.

Well now I have ;)

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 09:54 #7 

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No problem for me either dear lady, they are our best friends after all ...

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 10:59 #8 

thank you gents , :D :) :D :)

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 13:11 #9 

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I can't see a problem unless the dog starts scrounging food, well, my food anyway. ;)
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Posted 12 Apr 2011, 14:26 #10 

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Wolves 75
Can I just ask, Why does the dog need to come in, mine will sit happily in the car whilst I eat, Myself and Rob have been to the Ashes to confirm arrangements with the gaffer, and he said about the dog, I'm thinking he was just being polite, as we will not be the only people in the pub, if you could make an alternative arrangement for doggy that would be appreciated as we get the pub, land and camping for free, so we really don't want the apple cart rocking...

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 17:31 #11 

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i was with Lyndon at the Four Ashes earlier and have to agree with his comments, the pub do not really want the dog or any dog in the restaurant with food to be honest, not just us in there dont forget,although we will be the majority
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Posted 12 Apr 2011, 19:39 #12 

ok guys we will have to eat elsewhere possibly in the bar area,which they do allow dogs in, and they also serve food in the bar, it would of just been nice to eat with everyone else.
Our dog cries if we leave her, so it wouldnt be fair to leave her, and we know she would be really unhappy if she was left in the car. shes 4 yrs old, but still cries like a puppy if shes left.

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 20:24 #13 

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Had I been coming on Saturday I would happily have looked after the dog while you eat, prefer animals to people any day.

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 20:51 #14 

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That's because in your youth you were a bit of an animal. :o :gmc:

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Posted 12 Apr 2011, 20:59 #15 

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JohnDotCom wrote:That's because in your youth you were a bit of an animal. :o :gmc:

That's why I like you so much. :nurse:

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 21:05 #16 

now now boys, play nice :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 21:11 #17 

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I don't mind dogs in restaurants and generally they are cleaner than us humans!! it always amazes me to watch how many people go to the bathroom and then don't wash their hands :(

In Holland they allow dogs in a lot of the restaurants and some have even bought out bowls of water and titbits for them.

Though I do understand it is not to everyones liking.


Posted 15 Apr 2011, 23:29 #18 

Dave Goody
I've just come back from Vietnam, they don't mind dogs in restaurants, In fact they insist!! :shock: Dave

Posted 02 Jul 2011, 15:17 #19 

Oh dear Heather, a nation of animal lovers - but please do not bring your dog.

That is why I like France, no problems with dogs in restaurants and I fully empathise with you about leaving them in a car outside, especially if they are unhappy about it.

Amazes me with some pubs in these hard financial times with pubs rapidly closing down due to lack of income.

I cannot help but think that the publican is giving the field etc for free because he is going to do a great deal of trade and hence keep the pub going for a little bit longer

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Posted 03 Jul 2011, 19:57 #20