Can any recommend a breakdown service by Dave

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Been with Green Flag on and off over the years and only had to use them once

Can get "Rescue Only" cover for £22, although not entirely sure what this consists of....

Anyone got any that they prefer or alternatively, that they wouldn't touch with a bargepole?

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Hi Dave,
I have joined this one, this year
It gives me everything I want for a reasonable price £37. It is a pay and claim back system but I haven't heard any complaints from people who have used them.

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Thanks for that!

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No problem.
It covers both me & my wife on any car we are driving and the caravan when we use it too.

I know you have to pay upfront but there doesn't seem to be a problem getting the money back.

Have a read here ... e-recovery

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I'm a member of the CSMA (Civil Service Motoring Association) and they have a very good deal with Britannia. Their entry requirements are not at all strictly CS so might be worth a try.

I think I would recommend Britannia anyway as they have looked after me well in the past.

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i've used the AA a lot :hissyfit: :panic: :panic: :hissyfit: of late so i've gotten my moneys worth from them :nurse: :angry:

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Try these, good reports and national recovery of vehicle and passengers with no upfront costs....£29 ... d=ac41d729
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I think you will get many different recommendations depending on part of Country and service received by member in the past.

I use the RAC, I have had to use them, and a great thing is unlike the AA and some others the recovery service takes you back in one trip with no waiting for new crews or change of recovery lorry.

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