Busy Xmas break by MN190

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Firm I work for shut down for xmas and next week is my first full week back
As luck would have it recently some friends had moved into a new house with a double garage including an inspection pit.
They went away for xmas & New Year so I got to look after the house and have the use of the garage :D
So its been an expensive time of which most was self inflicted

During this time
I have retrofitted cruise control including the wiring loom to a KV6 just missing the black piece that holds the clutch switch in place
Replaced all the missing screws from the various bit on the undertray
Replaced the wheel arch liner and the brake ducting on the drivers side - thanks to the unidentified animal I hit that damaged the bumper and ripped off the brake ducting
Upgraded the radio to a BM54
Had to replace the battery this morning due to the click of death

Got a few more jobs to sort out in the summer including replacing the front bumper and getting the bonnet repainted just waiting for the better weather.
Then the car will be better spec'd than it left the factory and in good condition for a 9 year old car.
The best bit is it still makes me smile after 8 years of driving it

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