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Hi, I am tryig to get the bonnet of my ZT open but the release trigger is limp and the bonnet is down too far to get my fingers unber it. Can I jack it up and release it from under neath ? Thanks in advance, Sarah

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Jack up the car on the driver side. Release the plastic wheel arch protector. Behind this you will find the washer bottle. If possible remove the washer bottle. Then with a pair of long pliers or similar, reach up into the engine compartment and grab the bonnet release cables forward of the bonnet release splitter box. Pull hard on the cables exiting the splitter box. This will release the bonnet catch. This is the link for the guide showing the location of the splitter box. The blue cap shown is the top of the filler neck for the washer bottle. bonnet-cable-splitter-box-invert.html and as below.....
Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 16.20.08.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 16.20.29.jpg

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And fit these .. :em:

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HI Sarah.
You could also try getting someone to push down on the bonnet at the front while you pull the release trigger, if you have not done so already, when you pull they must also loose the bonnet at the same time, it maybe that the black block in the splitter box is sticking ?
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As very often happens. Somebody registers with an urgent problem, then doesn't bother to come back for the answer.
I sometimes wonder whether it's worth the effort. :(

Hopefully this post will help someone else with this problem.

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