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Body Identification Code - Location

You cars Body Identification Code plate details your cars body shell information. Discover where to find it on your car.

Boot Handle Retrofit Mk1 75

Retrofit a pre project drive boot handle to a Rover 75

Boot Leak Repairs Saloons

Replace rear light cluster gaskets. Seal coachline trims. Seal rear screen retaining clips.Seal rear quarter-light finisher.

Boot Vent Leaks Saloons

Access rear boot vents, seal with silicone sealant.

Boot Vent Leaks ZTT and Tourer Mk1 and Mk2

Access rear boot vents on ZTT and Tourer all derivatives.

Brake Light Bulb Failure

Determine whether a brake light bulb has failed

Bullet Mirror Glass and Cap Remove and Refit

Bullet Mirror Glass and Cap Remove and Refit

Facelift Bonnet Bumper Gap Fix By Raising Slam Panel

Front bumper removal to enable adjustment of slam panel in order to reduce the gap between bonnet and bumper

Facelift Bumper Mesh Replacement

Remove and replace Mk2 black front bumper mesh with chrome equivalent

Fog Lamp Protectors Mk1 75 Retrofit

Fit fog lamp protectors to the Mk1 75

Front Bumper and Fan Assembly Removal

Removal of front bumper, slam panel and fan assembly. Protect or repair offside front lamp wiring looms

Front Bumper Remove and Refit.pdf

Guide to removing front bumper assembly (no pictures)

Front Indicator Replacement Mk1 75

Replace front indicator assembly on MK1 75

HID Xenon Headlamp Retrofit Mk1 75 and Mk1 ZT

HID headlamp retrofit Mk1 75 and Mk1 ZT

Monogram Brochure

Monogram Brochure

Parking Sensor Problems

Repair or avoid common parking sensor issues and access the reverse switch

Rear Bumper Removal

Remove and refit rear bumper

Reversing Sensors Aftermarket Retrofit.pdf

Retrofit a set of aftermarket reversing sensors

Roof Rail Fitment Tourer and ZTT

Pictorial guide to installing roof rails to Tourers and ZTTs

Sill Trim Paint Removal

Strip paint from ZT sill trims

Sun Roof Blind Bracket.pdf

replace worn sliding sun-roof blind brackets

Towbar and Electrics OEM Retrofit.pdf

Retrofitting OEM towbar and OEM electric kit

Waist Seal Inner (Waist Seal) Replacement

Replacing the inner waist seal on a Tourer using the LWB inner waist seal

Warning Triangle Boot Lid Fitment.pdf

Fit OEM warning triangle to the boot lid on saloons

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