BMW ULF Bluetooth modules by Duncan

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Finally got time to wire in my ULF Bluetooth module yesterday, only had it sat around a couple of years.

Now I remember why technology can be so frustrating. It appeared on the display, fine and when put in pairing mode, appeared to pair OK, but then disconnect. Wouldn't stay connected. This is the first system I've used where after pairing, you have to switch off the ignition before it works. So great, it would now connect.

But then I spent almost two hours trying to figure out why there was no audio coming through the system from the Bluetooth box via the BM54 radio. Double and triple checked my wiring, all fine, but the mute signal wasn't coming out of the Bluetooth box, and even when I manually activated it, still no sound from the Bluetooth. Then I noticed the audio was still coming from the phone itself.

Did a bit of reading up, and one site suggested it might be an incompatibility. As its an old BT module and a new phone, plus it said 'headset' when pairing the phone, I wondered. Tried an older BT phone, and sure enough it works fine! I've seen control problems before, but never control working fine, but audio routing being wrong!

Another two hours of my life I won't be getting back, and it doesn't work with my current phone, either. I wonder if a newer BT will solve the issue? I can't find an up to date compatibility list, either.

Posted 01 Jun 2013, 14:39 #1 

Suffolk Man
i think i found a list on bimmernav site.there are or where thirteen diffrent generations of the ulf.the i used 4 generation one kept dropping the end used another one which was out of a 06 which paired up a lot quicker shows the directory.which the old did not and also shows text messages.this one paired up with my old samsung tocco and also works with a iphone 4.

Posted 18 Jun 2013, 19:33 #2 

I found that list too however there seems to be two main types of hardware. I have just fitted the later one from a 2004 E46 and it has paired OK with my iPhone 4S. I have the round pin BM 54 and have yet to connect the mute and mike so I may have trouble in store. It imported my contact list and I have also inherited 127 text messages from the previous owner that I can't seem to delete permanently. I'll let you know how I get on later.

Posted 17 Oct 2013, 23:45 #3 

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Well I got an iphone 4 and it works properly with that, so I'm hoping it will also work right with a 5S if it ever arrives.

Still haven't finished properly installing the Bluetooth, though!

Posted 18 Oct 2013, 09:44 #4 

My ULF is a 3rd Gen unit. Works Ok, apart from can't get SMS to work though it.

Posted 13 Jan 2014, 20:18 #5 

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Just got around to fitting mine, have a 4th gen ULF and so far it seems to be fine with Iphone 4S
I need to finish off fitting the mic properly as I just connected it quickly to test without running the cable behind the trim and to front of car
It imported phone book ok but no SMS yet altough the option is listed
Have HK fitted as well and it works fine without having to bypass the amp and I can adjust phone volume control via the headunit
I followed the instructions here and made my own loom wired into the BM24 to BM54 converter leads

Used the Intravee to pair the phone so no need for a seperate pairing switch

Posted 05 Jan 2015, 22:02 #6