Big Day Fitting of the 2 speed fan by Arctic (Page 2 of 2)

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good luck with it :)
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Posted 20 Jun 2011, 16:06 #21 

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takestock wrote:good luck with it :)

Hi Dave managed to do it in the end, will stick up some pics later today when i have time, thanks for the help just to ask one more question if i use a paper clip now to cross the triny switch should the fast speed kick in, ? cheers Arctic

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Hi Dave & Duncan.
I took the chance in the end to fit the fan how i perceived it should be from both your opinions and also from what Jules says, But because i had two brown wires in my loom i was getting confused :gmc: anyways this is how it panned out in the end.

From the plug end which clips into the car wiring i had two plugs, one carrying a Thick Brown wire from this plug along with 2 thin wires a blue&red combined,and a yellow pic 1 above. This thick brown wire will split into two 3.5mm brown wires, cut before the split in pic 2.

The other plug will have a Thick black wire & a thin Grey wire coming from it again as above in pic 1. This will also split into 2 black wires as in pic 2 above) Now if like me you are using your 3 speed loom you will have already cut one of these black wires which went to the motor of the fan that was not working (ie 3 speed brush motor)pic 3

as in pic 4 below. the other black wire will go to the control box.The cut wire is the one from the motor already cut in pic 3,

This black wire now joins to the the brown wire leading fromthe control box the wire which is on the same relay as the red wire the largest relay in the box to the right. in pic 5 note i have put some black tape on it to show it must join to the cut black wire coming from the plug end of the loom.

In the control box above the purple as been cut as it is now not in use. Also the other longer brown wire can be cut. so the box now is like this. Black wire 1 with small black wire joins to second small relay top centre. same relay has the gray wire which goes through one end of the resistor. pic 6

The red wire coming from the control box goes to the black wire which come from the 2 speed motor which is now your new motor, this also splits into to black going to the resistor as in pic 6 above.

The remaining red wire coming from the new 2 speed motor is now joined to the thick brown wire which was cut before the split in pic 2 above and is shown here in pic 7 before i was certain that i could cut before the split. hope you are still with me.

The small wires stay where they are. pic 8 note the brown wire to the far right can be cut like the purple.

The fan fixed and working on the car once the demist is called for. pics 9&10 below


Pic 11 shows the old control box empty of the insides ie control panel and relays it is used as a blank as i have re-routed the new control box and fitted it next to the FBH (Fuel burning heater.) in the engine compartment should i have to get to it in the future to change a relay or something.

Pic 12 shows the wires tidied up and going to the car loomand on to the control box now relocated next to the FBH pic 13.

control box next to FBH

Pic 14 a diagram i drew up last night

And finally a video of the fan working when called to do so by the demist button.

I hope this is understandable as have tried to explain the best i can :roll: for a novice :em: but i know what i am on about ;) :) :thumbsup: Arctic.

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Well done. I'm sure this will be useful to people doing the same job.

Posted 21 Jun 2011, 19:12 #24