Battery warning light by Gren 24

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Gren 24
Can any one help,Warning light came on while driving.when I came to start the 75 again battery was flat.2.year old Varta so that's being checked, they lent me a battery and the warning light is still on.Had the alternator checked and was told that that's is working fine charging at 14.4.have put this battery on charge and still the warning light is still on and even on a sort run the battery it could be the glowplugs. but would the battery warning light still be on with it fully charged.alternater is 2 years old.
Any one any ideas.
Thanks Les Gren 24
Rover 75 tourer 2 lt Diesel

Posted 04 Apr 2013, 08:34 #1 

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I can only think it is the alternator, or a connection, because the red light should go out when the engine is running, no matter what the state of the battery. The battery supplier has told you that it is charging, so either they are wrong, or there is an internal connection fault that is not allowing the 'charging' signal to extinguish the light, or to charge the battery. Others on here may give you additional advice, but I suspect the garage that tested it for you is not very good, after all, you would expect them to pinpoint the problem for you, if for no other reason than they could get work from the result. Take it to a good Auto Electrician.


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Most likely is the alternator to be honest. Diesels are known for it, mine failed in town last year so I drove straight back home. The charge warning light is controlled by the alternator as mentioned by Roverite, so it's unlikely to be anything else, and they can be intermittent for a while so maybe it was working when it was tested.

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Gren 24
Had alternator tested at the garage just round the corner and they said it was the that. So they are fitting a new one for me.the one on the 75 is just 2 years and one month old,cost me £180 without fitting.don't know how much this one will cost not the same garage.At lest it will be sorted.
Thanks for the advice.

Posted 04 Apr 2013, 16:46 #4