Battery Replacement by Mick

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My battery finally succumbed after 7 years of faultless service. This was the first time I had a proper look at it and was surprised to find it was a Delphi, which don't have the best name in batteries.
Replacement came from Max Autoparts, as recommended by another member. Bosch Silver S4008/096 74Ah. At £85.00 delivered. May it last as long. :)

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Hi Mick
I was also chuffed that my battery lasted over 8 years but alas it went at the same time as my alternator. I think I should have changed it before it finally died and put a big strain on the alternator as advised by a member. They can go in the worst situations and mine did, so I suggest anyone with a battery over 7 years old would be well advised to change it sooner than later.

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Hello Chris, long time. :)
I have a new alternator in stock. Bought it from somebody at one of the Nano meets for £20.00 absolute bargain. The original is still in good order but better well prepared than stranded.

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Hi Chris ( fellow commoner :D) hope your keeping well
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takestock wrote:Hi Chris ( fellow commoner :D) hope your keeping well

Just don't ask Chris to hop it... See his other post.

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