Balance VIS PCBs - Ver 1.2 by Mad-Monkey

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I have a quantity of VIS (Variable Intake System) Motor PCBs that are up for grabs very cheap! Why? Well they have a few niggles and require a bit of modding to the case for full functionality using the test button and reverse polarity jumpers. Also 1.3 is here with added improvements and is a neat quick solution over 1.2. These are provided by Dave (takestock) when he does his refurbs.

1.2 offers the upgraded tracks to stop those pesky track burn outs, integrated test button option, and reverse polarity jumpers for use with motors that turn in the opposite direction.

Mods Needed for Full Operation

1. To use the test switch though you will need to drill through the tracks about 5-8mm across from the current solder pads. Remove some of the resist, then you can solder two wires in for the switch. People not wanting the test button can ignore it completely, not installing it does not hinder the VIS operation. It was designed to be optional.

2. If you use a replacement motor of the same, or use your existing motor inside the case you will need to cut around 2mm off one of the locating pegs. Using a motor that rotates in the opposite direction uses different pads so this would not need to be done.

3. You can ignore the SMD pads on the reverse of the board.

That's it!

These are barebone boards with no components so you'll need to source your own and recover the pins from your existing board. For those who are willing to spend the time on the mods you won't be disappointed and give the same functionality as 1.3 albeit a bit cobbled together. If you don't want the test switch, and I advise perhaps not on this board and getting 1.3 off Dave if you do, the mods are relatively minor.

Please note this is 1.2 and not 1.3 just for clarification!

These are available to community members at £4 a board inc postage 1st class.

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