Back in England by JakeWilson

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Flew back this morning (roughest flight ever!) but left my appartment at 5 this morning and got home at 6pm!

Currently sat infront of the fire, looking for the next 2 weeks back.

Wishing everyone on here a very happy christmas and all the best for 2012! :-)

Posted 24 Dec 2011, 20:50 #1 

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Some journey, saying there are many directs from Munich. Where did you go?

Posted 24 Dec 2011, 20:51 #2 

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I bet you're pleased to be back, have a good time & give my regards to the family
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Posted 24 Dec 2011, 21:32 #3 

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Flew out of Munich into Heathrow, the flight itself wasn't too long, but it was the rail and tram/tube connections each end that are what made it long as the morning services in Augsburg and Munich today weren't great and the tube broke down on the way to Kings Cross as well!

Posted 24 Dec 2011, 21:40 #4 

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Glad your home safe and sound Jake, joking aside, Seasons greetings to one of the nicest gents I know :)
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Posted 24 Dec 2011, 22:04 #5 

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takestock wrote:Glad your home safe and sound Jake, joking aside, Seasons greetings to one of the nicest gents I know :)

Thanks Dave, the same to you too sir! :-)

Posted 24 Dec 2011, 22:49 #6 

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You're back? Best organise a meet n a drinky then matey! Regards to all for the festive season....:)

Posted 26 Dec 2011, 09:34 #7 

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Welcome back Jake, even if only for 2 weeks
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Posted 26 Dec 2011, 10:25 #8 

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Bet there's more chance of snow in Bavaria than Meg Fen!

Posted 26 Dec 2011, 14:37 #9