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starbug2 wrote:pm resent

Cheers mate I will reply in a sec
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Posted 06 Apr 2011, 19:05 #21 

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Well as jaunts go that was a cracker :) I got the train to Newark on Sunday morning & was picked up by Jake & we spent a few hours at Newark Autojumble & then headed off to Jake's place & had a lazy afternoon. Sunday night I was treat to my favourite food.....Steak Pie home cooked by Jake's Mum & some pretty impressive cake for afters :D
Monday we set off about 7.45 to Essex to meet up with Lewis & pick up a little something I've treat myself to ;) after tea & cakes we headed to the scrapyard to strip Jake's parts out after which Jake headed home & me & Lewis headed to Abingdon to collect a wheel for his ZS but on arrival we ended up with 3 :shock: now bearing in mind we already had a pair of ZT side skirts & Jake's ZT bootlid in the back along with various assorted other bits our next port of call was Bicester to meet up with Ben & his Dad to collect an interior for the ZS, this was going to be tight :shock: but on arrival & with some clever load arranging we got the lot in comfortably :D Then it was round to Ben's via the Chippy & then back to Colchester to drop Lewis & his parts off. By this time it was late o'clock & my next step was a rapid journey back up to Jake's where I was to spend the night BUT this is where things fell apart as although I had a fair idea how to get back I wasn't 100% sure & I couldn't find the place in the dark so I just parked up in a layby & slept in the car.
I woke up this morning (der ner ner ner) & went looking for Jake's place again only to find I had actually turned round in the entrance last night :em: anyway we offloaded Jake's parts & socialised for a bit & then I drove back home avec mons new purchase :D
Geordie Jeans! they're nice & tight especially roond the arse

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 20:05 #22 

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A pukka purchase to I might add. :thumbsup: Glad you made it back ok ( ish ) :mrgreen:

See you guys Saturday!

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 22:42 #23 

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The best part of this thread is Jake's mum and cake..... :D

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 23:33 #24 

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Hmmm.. A sat nav might come in handy??? innit?? :lol: :D

Posted 12 Apr 2011, 23:58 #25