Any Rover 75 people in North East? by yorky143

I live in Northallerton and am a devoted Rover 75 CDT owner and user but do not know many other folks who share my pastime and passion for these cars, if anyone lives near Northallerton, say hello or drop me a note, it's kinda lonely up here lol.. I am not a mechanic but I have changed my engine, played with the wiring, changes springs, discs brakes, tie rods, track rod ends, done master and slave changes..ect so I know how to play with a spanner, and don't mind getting dirty, currently I am playing with airbag problems, not its not the wires under the seat lol.. regards everyone

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Sorry, do not live near Northallerton......

When I had trouble with airbags it was the one in the passengers seat. Needed a quick fix so bought a pair of seats quite cheaply and started by swapping the passenger one and that cured it. The intention to remove the bag from the bought seat and put it in to the original seat (facelift car and replacement seat from a pre facelift car so they are different). Three years on and still on my ToDo list :)

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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The bags are the same as far as I know, but the connectors are different. to that that helps any, I'm sorry.

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