Another problem with Chrome. by Bernard

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I'm getting seemingly random but frequent crashes using Chrome to view the Community site.
It doesn't happen with any other website at all, not once, and I can't immediately see anything wrong.
I don't like signatures, they take up too much screen space.

Posted 14 Aug 2011, 12:41 #1 

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Until I saw what section this was in, I was thinking I was unaware of any problems with the Chrome on these cars.

Posted 14 Aug 2011, 20:09 #2 

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buy a ZT......; :gmc:
Photobucket = Tossers


Posted 14 Aug 2011, 20:34 #3 

Clear cookies, OR if that fails >> Un-install then re-install and untick updates in the toolbox. Chrome has become renowned for it's dodgy updates >> Giving a loss of connection error too often for me!!

Complete ball ache but still better than

Posted 15 Aug 2011, 00:48 #4