Android OBD app and Bluetooth adapter by CDTi

I got a BT OBD (On Board Diagnostics) adapter from eBay for use with my HTC Android phone yesterday. I've tested it with "Torque" from Market and it works great.

I won't link to the eBay Seller as the item arrived faulty but any of these should probably work:

The BT board inside my adapter was broken off the main board and I had to re-solder it. It working fine now though.

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I have seen these apps on Android Market and wondered if they worked. What can you see/do with it on our cars ?

BTW your link does not work.
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Link fixed, http:// was missing

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Mick wrote:Link fixed, http:// was missing
Still faulty, Mick.

I removed the http:// so people could click on it and get a blank page on eBay.

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How strange it works once, then breaks. I've put it back as it was. Copy and paste the link into browser

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I have one of these too and been using the free version of torque to see what it was like. Not tried it on my diesel yet but works great on my ZT400. I will have it with me at POL today (was tyoping tomorrow but just seen my watch.... so probably no one will read this now before going lol) if anyone wants a gander, oh will also be at the nano meet too.


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Hi, can someone please post one that they know is good and works with Android, I've got an HTC, but I'm sure all Android the same.

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